The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation: Daily Inspiration from the Heart of God

The times are demanding it. God's Word has declared it. Today is the day for the people of God to know their God. Inside these pages rest the word of God, a message of truth, to bring understanding in deceptive times, wisdom in discerning times, and peace in discouraging times that you might take the baton of life handed to you by Jesus Himself and run with purpose in every step that race set before you.

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The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation II

The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation II: Daily Bread Renewing, Reviving, and Restoring the Remnant

Apostle Madonna P Johnson is the Pastor of Face to Faith Ministries in Easton, Maryland. By the Lord's own providence and His perfect will, she is a "Pastor to Pastors." She is a servant leader, a walking epistle, whose ministry is founded by, fashioned by, and fed by love. She is a retired English instructor having served for 35 years. Inside her the Lord has placed five-fold ministry as she speaks wisdom to leadership, gives prophetic words to God's people, evangelizes the lost, pastors and leads the remnant of the Lord, and teaches God's word with her life. She is a guidance counselor, a wisdom walker, a faith follower, a hope harbor, and a lady of love. Elder Vestinia M Bridges is the Assistant Pastor of Face to Faith Ministries and the pastor's oldest child. Many years ago she asked the Lord this: "Give me a word, Lord, that is past hype, past emotion, past facades-a word that will go straight to the hearts of man and transform minds, open eyes, and turn hearts to You." The Lord did it. With faith that works, hope that endures, and love that lasts she is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a motivating, prophetic word from the Lord to raise the remnant and quicken the lost.

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The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation III

The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation III: Your Table is Ready

We are in a season of the revealing of the transforming power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God has placed the church in the middle of the uprising of His glory as we become the bride God is commanding. The Lord is speaking: "Come now, for all things are ready." The mandate of these pages is to usher the people of God into divine order whereby we are postured in our faith to make God our only expectation. The faith life of Zion is being forced into open eyesight as the Lord is revealing His sons and daughters.

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Books Coming Soon

  • The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation IV: Love Wears Work Clothes
    (Available Soon)
  • The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation V: Always Green
    (Releasing in Summer 2018)
  • The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation VI: Revive the Work
    (Releasing in Fall 2018)
  • The Spirit of Wisdom & Revelation VII: Your Faith is Your Peace
    (The FINAL book in the series will be released by early 2019)



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